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A great way to improve the appearance of your home is with stamped concrete surfaces. If you're thinking of having a new concrete patio or driveway installed, consider how much better it would look with stamped concrete. Stamped concrete can look like other natural materials, such as brick and stone. However, stamped concrete is less expensive than some of the other popular driveway and patio materials, which is why we offer it at Stamped Concrete Patio & Driveways Des Moines. With the help of some of the most experienced, professional Des Moines concrete contractors, we can provide you with the best quality stamped concrete services.

About Us

We have been offering our stamped concrete services in the Des Moines area for nearly a decade. We love the idea of helping someone enhance the appearance of their home and neighborhood by providing them with interesting, stamped concrete for their home surfaces. Anywhere we apply stamped concrete is sure to look better. Stamped Concrete Patio & Driveways Des Moines happens to be the preferred and most widely used stamped concrete company in the area, which is why you can depend on us for your concrete service needs.

Our Services

We only work with the most experienced concrete contractors in Des Moines, as it means that we can confidently offer our customers the quality of service they want and deserve. There are a variety of stamped concrete designs to choose from. With this being the case, you are sure to find something that appeals to you. We have very knowledgeable associates who will take the time to help you understand your options and make a well-informed decision about the type of stamped concrete to have applied.

“We thought our house had curb appeal, but it seems that it does not. When deciding to add something to our home that would give it curb appeal again, we decided to have a stamped concrete driveway installed. It did the trick! Since it’s the first thing we see, it gives us the curb appeal we wanted.” – John J.

“It would take a miracle to make our patio look better. We saw what Stamped Concrete Patio & Driveways Des Moines did for our friends and hired them to do the same for us. They worked a miracle because our patio has never looked so good.” – John R

“I didn’t know what decorative concrete was until I saw what Stamped Concrete Patio & Driveways Des Moines could do. I was convinced that this was the way to go when I was having renovations made to my home. I’m glad I chose to work with this company because they offered me something I couldn’t find anywhere else.” – Mark T.

a house veranda with stamped concrete

Stamped Concrete

Improving the appearance of the outside of your property is easy when you know what to do. Many don’t consider the appearance of their driveway, but when you do, consider allowing us to apply stamped concrete to it. When you have stamped concrete applied to your driveway, you’ll receive instant curb appeal, as it is likely unlike anyone else’s in the neighborhood.

Concrete Services

Our concrete services are available to you regardless of your concrete service needs. We offer stamped concrete for your walkway, driveway, patio, and any other hard surfaces. Many of the concrete contractors we work with have been in the industry for longer than we have been in business. They bring years of experience with them, including their stamped concrete experience.

construction worker uses bull float on the edge of freshly poured concrete on a sidewalk project
house with concrete driveway

Driveway Replacement

If you have an asphalt driveway and would like to have it replaced with another type of driveway, such as a concrete driveway, we can offer it to you at Stamped Concrete Patio & Driveways Des Moines. It’s easy for us to provide you with a brand new decorative concrete driveway, as it is what we do for our customers every day. Let us show you what we have to offer for your driveway replacement.

Custom Concrete

If you are not finding what you want, let's discuss some custom concrete options with you. We have talented design professionals who work with us that can create something unique to you. We'll determine what you have in mind, and we will offer you a realistic expectation of what we can produce. With our custom concrete services, you have more options available to you. When you want a custom concrete patio, deck, walkway, or wall, we can offer it to you.

a garden with concrete walkway
cozy covered patio with stone trim fireplace. glass top patio table and comfortable chairs with stripped covers.

Patio Concrete

Bad weather will begin to affect the appearance of your patio. If you have a concrete patio that has been painted and the paint is fading, why not have a new one constructed by Stamped Concrete Patio & Driveways Des Moines. We can breathe life back into your patio again with our stamped concrete technique. You will have various design options available to you, that you may not otherwise have without applying the stamped concrete technique. When you want a lovely space to entertain in, allow us to show you what your patio could look like with stamped concrete applied to it.


If you are thinking about having a stamped concrete patio installed, we hope you will consider using our services. When you consider our body of work we are sure that you will be convinced of our ability to perform the work you want to be done.

a yard with fireplace

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If you have seen stamped concrete and would like to have it applied to your driveway, patio, walkway, stairs, or other surfaces, call on Stamped Concrete Patio & Driveways Des Moines to offer it to you. We are the most qualified, professional concrete contractors in the city, which is why our services are preferred to many of the other concrete contractors. When you rely on us for your stamped concrete services, you’re sure to get more than you bargain for. When you want an affordable and beautiful concrete surface, consider stamped concrete installed by our talented team of professional contractors.